About Us

/ Environment /

Since its inception, Gaona has always regarded environmental friendliness and sustainable development as key concepts´╝îcommitted to providing products that save energy and conserve resources, and mitigating adverse environmental impacts during the production process. 

/ People /

With a corporate culture that respects human rights and values career development, Gaona is a place where employees can challenge themselves and achieve growth. We provide safe working conditions and good career prospects, devoting to building a high-level talent team.

/ Customers /

As a good partner, Gaona adheres to our commitment to customers in terms of product quality and service quality, and acts with integrity, transparency, reliability and responsibility towards our key stakeholders.

/ Society /

At the same time of production and operation, Gaona supports the development of community education, health, humanistic care, urban construction and other projects, while conducting activities in a wholly ethical manner and improving ability to absorb employment to fulfill our responsibilities for social stability.