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Thanks to our experience in producing aerospace materials for over 60 years, Gaona is a key supplier to the domestic and international aerospace market, which provides a complete range of products for aero engines, including structural investment castings, forged components, and airfoil castings, etc. Gaona is also a worldwide provider of highly engineered products for power generation, critical airframe, petrochemical, and other general industrial markets.


As the jewel in the crown of modern industry, the aero engine is one of the most technically difficult components in the aerospace industry. In this market, Gaona is a key supplier of the most critical core components of aero engines, including turbine discs, ring, vane, blades, combustion chambers component, casings, afterburners, jet nozzles and so on.


With the characteristics of small size, high power, fast start-up, and long life, gas turbines are widely used in high-end equipment such as power stations. Gaona serves the power market with turbine discs and rings for gas turbines, and continuously develops turbine disc materials with higher comprehensive performance to improve the thermal efficiency of gas turbines.


With specialized production lines for centrifugally casting tubes and static castings in superalloy, Gaona provides ethylene cracking furnace tubes and conversion furnace tubes in the petrochemical industry