Castings Gaona produce complicated and thin-wall structural parts and airfoils, which are made from nickel-based super alloy, aluminium, titanium, and Magnesium, for high-performance aero engine, gas turbine, and other industrial applications.
Forgings Gaona can provide various deformed superalloys with strength levels of 900~1600Mpa, which can be used to produce turbine disks, forged airfoils and other rotating parts, as well as hot end bearing parts used at -253~900°C.
Powder Metallurgy Metal powders produced by PREP and EIGA in Gaona are characterized as high degree of sphericity, smooth surface, low gas and inclusions contents, which are widely used in aerospace, energy, petrochemical, medical and other fields.
Ingots Gaona can produce kinds of ingots including superalloy master alloys, titanium ingots and target materials, etc.
On-shelf Products Superalloy have excellent oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, cold and thermal fatigue resistance, and welding performance, which can meet the needs of using in various harsh environments such as -253°C~1300°C, abrasion and corrosion by acid, alkali, salt. Gaona can produce on-shelf products like plate, bar, wire, strip and tube, which can meet the customers’ different requirements.
Die Steel The production and sales of die steels are carried out in Tianjin CISRI-HARDER Materials and Technology Co., LTD (Hereinafter referred to as Harder). Harder, one of the subsidiaries of Gaona, mainly produces high-quality hot work die steels, hot &cold die steels, cold work die steels, plastic die steels, etc.
Centrifugal Castings The production and sales of centrifugally cast tubes are carried out in Qingdao NPA Industry Co., Ltd (Hereinafter referred to as NPA). NPA, one of the subsidiaries of Gaona, provides various products for the petrochemical, metallurgical and glass industry, including petrochemical cracking coils, petrochemical reformer tubes, metallurgical furnace roller, etc.
Advanced Materials Based on our experiences and talent teams in the superalloy material, Gaona has been committed to the R&D and production of advanced materials for several years.