• Plate/Bar/Wire /Strip/Tube
Plates & Strips Superalloy plates & strips are mainly used to make parts such as flame tubes, mounting edges, partitions, afterburner bodies in the combustion chambers and afterburners of areo engines, bellows and other high- temperature bearing components, as well as structural parts with higher requirements, such as leaf springs, gas ducts and seals.

Product specifications:
Cold-rolled thin plate:thickness 0.5-4mm, width 500-1200mm
Hot-rolled plate:thickness 4-40mm, width 500-1200mm
Thin strip:thickness 0.05-1mm, width 10-400mm
Bars Gaona can supply superalloy bars with a diameter of 4~300mm on the oxidation resistance and mechanical properties of materials.
Wires Gaona produces a variety of superalloy cold-drawn wires with high purity, stable composition, high cost performance and short production cycle.
Tubes Gaona can supply cold-drawn and cold-rolled superalloy tubes, which have been widely used in aerospace, petrochemical, machinery, electric power, nuclear energy, building materials and other industries.
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