• Plastic Mould Steels
Name CGPS336 Characteristics &Applications
Hardness HRC:45-52 Injection molds for highly corrosive materials or environments, all kinds of mirror-polished plastic molding molds, suitable for PVC, PP, PC, PMMA, PE, POM plastics, food industry machinery components
International Steel Grade China (GB) 4Cr13
U.S. (AISI) Advanced 420
Germany (DIN) 1.2083
Japan (JIS) SUS420J2
Chemical Composition(%) C 0.32-0.38
Si 0.75-1.05
Mn =<1.0
Cr 12.5-14.5
Mo <0.3
V 0.25-0.45
P =<0.025
S =<0.001
Others Patents
(special element addition)

Name CGPS333 Characteristics &Applications
Hardness HRC:42-50 Suitable for large-size, high-precision mirror polished plastic molding molds
International Steel Grade China (GB) 2Cr13
U.S. (AISI) 420
Germany (DIN) 1.4021
Japan (JIS) SUS420J1
Chemical Composition(%) C 0.21-0.28
Si < 0.5
Mn 0.3-0.7
Cr 12.0-13.0
Mo -
V -
P =<0.025
S =<0.001
Others Patents
(special element addition)

Name CGPS280H Characteristics &Applications
Hardness HRC:40
Pre-hard injection mold, 40HRC high hardness, while maintaining a very high toughness;easy to weld. Suitable for complex cavity plastic molds
International Steel Grade China (GB) -
U.S. (AISI) -
Germany (DIN) -
Japan (JIS) -
Chemical Composition(%) C 0.08-0.15
Si 0.15-0.45
Mn 2.3-2.7
Cr 2.8-3.2
Mo 0.15-0.45
V -
P =<0.02
S =<0.001
Others Ni: 0.85-1.25
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