• Ultra-light Porous Superalloy Material
  • 1)  GF serious nickel-base alloy Foam with open cells
    GF serious foam with high specific strength and excellent oxidation resistance. Foam products can be used in high temperature especially for breather filter, air-oil separator, heat exchanger in aircraft engine. Foam plates can be offered with pore size range from 10ppi to 120ppi, porosity up to 92%. Foam parts in irregular shape can be ordered.
    2)  GZ serious superalloy fibre mats
    GZ serious fibre mats with porosity up to 95%, are sintered from 10μm scale self-made Ni-base or Co-base alloy fibres. Mats products is resistant to temperatures up to 900℃, can be used as seal parts, filters, and noise attenuation in aerospace field.
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